“Give to others, and God will give to you…the measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you.” 

-Luke 6:38


Like all churches, St. George’s is 100% funded by the grace, commitment and generosity of its congregation members, whether that support arrives via the offering plate on Sunday, in the form a bequest, or in through time gifted in volunteering. For Christians, stewardship is our God-given responsibility to provide for the needs of our community and our world; it is our response to God’s call. The monetary donations St. George’s receives contribute to all our ministries, including worship and celebration, outreach to marginalized groups, pastoral care, and buildings for ministry.


Ways to Give:

Give on Sunday
Add a cash or cheque donation to the collection plate when it is passed among the congregation at Sunday services. Giving by cheque ensures you receive a charitable tax receipt each February. Cash donations are anonymous and do not result in a charitable tax receipt.
Numbered Offering Envelopes
Register for Offering Envelopes through the church office or during our annual Stewardship Campaign. Each Sunday, place your personal envelope in the donation plate. The envelopes are numbered and associated with your name and contact information. By using envelopes, whether you give by cash or cheque, you will still receive a charitable tax receipt in February for all donations. Envelope boxes also include a monthly “pink envelope” that is specifically for donations to the Outreach of the Month.
Pre-Authorized Remittance
Register for Pre-Authorized Debit donations through the church office. Twice a month, an amount of your choosing is automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Charitable tax receipts are automatically generated in February. If you feel uncomfortable passing the collection plate without physically adding something, we can provide you with small cards that indicate your donation is by Pre-Authorized Debit.
Make a Legacy Gift
Include St. George’s Anglican Church as a beneficiary of your will, life insurance, RRSP or other legacy giving vehicle. Contact us if you would like guidance.


Every October, St. George’s holds its annual Stewardship Campaign. During the campaign, we ask each congregation member to submit a Pledge Card that indicates the individual’s intended annual support to St. George’s and its ministries. The annual Operating Budget is based largely upon the information we receive from the Pledge Cards. The Stewardship Campaign is vital for annual growth planning, and influences what St. George’s is able to offer for worship and outreach programming, as well as buildings for ministry. We humbly ask that every regular member of St. George’s congregation submit a Pledge Card annually so that St. George’s is able to plan accordingly and continue to serve our congregation with numerous outlets for practicing their Christian beliefs and Christian stewardship.