What exactly do Anglican Christians believe?

It would be simple if we could just hand you a book that wrapped up Anglican belief in one neat, tidy package. However, our beliefs are not so neatly contained.

We believe that our understanding of God and our relationships with each other and with God are part of an ever evolving conversation between i) what is written in the Scriptures, ii) our personal experiences of living in God’s world, iii) our traditions which have been passed on for thousands of years, and iv) our God-given ability to think reasonably.

There’s an old adage that still holds true: “To know Anglicans, one must worship with Anglicans.”

Anglican belief – anchored in our traditions and the scripture – is constantly evolving as we continue to discuss and refine our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. To be part of that discussion is to be part of our community, even if you just join us for a time as a guest!

In some ways, if you want to get to know our Christian family, we’re inviting you to join us for dinner. Come: see, hear, and taste! God must be experienced with your whole being: heart, soul, mind, and body; and there is no communion without community.

Educational Opportunities

At several points through the course of the year we enter into deliberate and deeper discussion on our identity as Anglican Christians. Sometimes this takes the form of short courses on theology, scriptures, or history (please see our weekly newsletter for upcoming courses.)

The community of St. George’s also regularly hosts Wonderful Wednesdays, a semi-regular speaker series. Victoria is blessed to be home to an abundance of people with rich and storied lives, with wonderful experiences and meaningful insights to share. Wonderful Wednesdays is a great opportunity to broaden horizons, and meet like-minded people in the local community.

Deepening our Commitment to the Christian Life

When something we discover a community that is good and life-giving, there may come a time when we feel called to make a deeper commitment. Baptism is a sign of our rebirth into Christ’s holy family: the Church. Confirmation is for baptised adults to reaffirm their commitment to Jesus Christ, to publicly assent to vows that we may have developed a deeper understanding of, or which may have been made on our behalf when we were children.

If you would like to commit or recommit to the Christian life in the Anglican Church, and receive the sacrament of baptism or confirmation, please feel free to contact one of the St. George’s clergy. We would love to meet with you to answer questions and help facilitate the most important commitment of your life.