Children’s Godly Play

Children’s Godly Play (“Sunday School”) is held during the 10am worship service. Children begin in the church with their families at the 10am service. After the opening hymn and a children’s story, they are led by adults to the church hall for their program. The children will learn and review Bible stories through a variety of approaches including games, crafts, hands on projects, and songs. The children return to the church during the offertory hymn to join their families for the community’s celebration of Holy Communion.


For those families with infants and toddlers, there is a staffed nursery available throughout the 10am service. The nursery is connected to the worship space and can be found at west end of the church. There is an audio-feed of the service into the nursery.

Children Receiving Communion

CONTENT-Children-ChristmasAngelHoly Communion is the gift of God for the people of God. The sacrament of Christian initiation by baptism makes one a full member of Christ and of the Church. A child is therefore welcome to fully participate in the sacramental life of the Church – and receive Holy Communion. The decision as to when a child will begin to receive Communion rests with the parents.

Naturally, parents are interested to enhance the meaning of this sacred meal as the child grows. St. George’s offers an educational child-friendly program to help parents either prepare their child for beginning the practice of receiving Communion, or to deepen their understanding. Please contact the church for more information.


Confirmation remains a vital rite of passage in one’s Christian formation in the early teen years. It commences with an educational program that invites the exploration of one’s faith culminating in the act of personal Christian re-commitment in the Confirmation service.